Selected Works

    The Point Zero Web Site reflects and promotes the brand’s identity on the World Wide Web by serving as an online destination for Point Zero’s products and its Lifestyle Concept. The site showcases all the products of Point Zero and functions as Point Zero’s business card on the Web.
    Unintended pregnancy remains a significant public issue. Engaging patients in a discussion of contraceptive options is paramount for the selection and effectiveness of any contraceptive method. This application customizes contraceptive options for each patient based on the patient's response to an interactive questionnaire and allows comparision of options.
    The objective of this Interactive eLearning project is to demonstrate and explain complex financial concepts presented in the Business Acumen training program. The package contains illustrations, photos, video clips, charts, graphs, and interactive games. Interactive components allow users to input and experiment with variables, equations and formulas and see results in realtime.
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