Learning never stops.
Your training shouldn't either.

  • LMS Consulting

    Requirements analysis
    Training Roadmap creation
    LMS evaluation
    RFI/RFP exercises
    Vendor selection ...

  • t-Commerce

    Learning / Content Monetization, Cross-domain content merchandizing ...

  • Go Mo!

    The Mobile Genie is out of the bottle. Let us tame it for you -- iOS, Droid
    HTML 5 ...

  • Turnkey solutions

    Just-in-time training
    Plug-and-play content
    100% pain-free

Where is that Training Roadmap?

There is no downtime in the training world any more. Training is non-linear, communications are async, learners are distributed across the planet, mobile learning is surging and social learning is here to stay.

Anthem provides Training and LMS consulting services to help you stay ahead of the curve. We offer LMS consulting services; we create training products that are effective and engaging; we offer reliable training commerce solutions, and provide customized, turnkey solutions.

Give us a call for an obligation-free consult. Our insights save time, money and effort.